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The GB Group aims to help and support Leicester businesses. Please take a look at this page to find out more by focused on the benefits the group and it's members can provide.

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Clearly the decisions we all make in business can have great consequence particularly when livelihoods and reputations are at stake and that’s why with our help we can support and guide you using key business benefits to provide a structure and order to the way you seek out those that can help you and your business.

Grow your sales

Sales growth is crucial to any business, without it any organisation is at risk. A number of our members specialise in providing the help and support you and your business need to ensure that you reach those who have need for what you can provide them.

These members include: Craig Johnstone

Reduce your costs

No business should allow it’s costs to get out of control and quite often there are opportunities to make significant reductions in your business expenditure. A number of our members specialise in certain areas of cost reduction and will be happy to provide you with an initial consultant to see what areas are a priority for you and which members can help the most.

These members include: Steve Foster, Mike Ellerby and Craig Johnstone

Develop your people and be a better employer

The most important resource that any business has is its people and we at The GB Group appreciate this with a passion. We have consultants, mentors, coaches and training provides waiting for you to get in touch to see how you can get the most from those that you employ and work with.

These members include: Lisa Poole

Increase your profile and reach your target market

Building and managing your personal and business brand are so important when seeking to market your goods and services. Our members have a proven track record leading and supporting household names whether it be B2B, B2C or Business Opportunities and will be happy to speak with you to find our how they can help you.

These members include: Craig Johnstone

Improve your quality and manage your risk

Quality stems from procedures, processes and business improvement and without them you are putting your business at a disadvantage and risk whether it be financial or legal. Our members have many years of experience in business improvement and can help you avoid avoidable costs and penalty for your business advantage.

These members include: Lisa Poole, Mike Ellerby and Craig Johnstone

Keep control of your infrastructure

Business infrasture and premises management have such a large part to pay beyond just function that it shouldn’t be ignored. Our members can help you to ensure that the building your business operates from and the IT support and infrastructure that any successful business relies on are in tip top shape for your business operation.

Handle your finances

Financial prudence and knowing when and how to invest enable stability and long term confidence in any business. Our members can help you not only manage what you have but also provide you with the confidence you need to meet the demands of day to day business.

These members include: Steve Foster

Our members can help you find more cash

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, one of your main responsibilities to the shareholders of a business is to identify ways of generating a little more cash. We all know that there are many ways of doing this, but what we’ve decided to do is share with you a number of suggestions taken from our website and we’re confident that one of them will prove to be beneficial to you.

“Karen’s coaching sessions have been gold dust for me. We are working on setting up my own business, making progress where I would normally have stumbled and stalled. I wanted her to help me with action planning, which she has, and so much more. She has supported me by pinning these actions to beliefs and values and has gently challenged my thinking and championed my achievements, creating long lasting change and progress.  I cannot put a value on the work we are doing together.  Karen coaches with kindness and intelligent clarity, a wonderful resource for anyone setting up their own business, or wanting more out of their choices.  It is the best investment I could have made.”
Lucy Hare, Musician

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