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Christmas Parties –
Make Sure They’re all Fun and Games!

New Year PreparationsWith the New Year fast approaching it’s that time of year to take stock and prepare for great business, great productivity and great success in 2015.

But first there’s the Christmas parties to get through. I couldn’t have put it better than the Evening Standard did recently. A time ‘when the hunger for current affairs and meaningful relationships is replaced by a furious appetite for morning-after gossip’.

Joking apart the Christmas party can be a time for inappropriate and perhaps even offensive behaviour which could cause damage to a Company’s reputation. For these reasons employers need to have policies in place setting out the standard of acceptable behaviour that is expected at social events that are work related. This could be something that you incorporate into your employee handbook.

Why is this? Simply because Employers can be liable for harm and harassment of their employees, they also have responsibility for their staff actions if the event is deemed an extension of the normal workplace and because Employers could be at risk of religious and sexual discrimination laws.

Need a hand drafting your policy? HR Protocol are close by should you require assistance with this.

Thinking of the New Year……

Are you happy that you have the right staff doing the right things to achieve your business plan and your 2015 targets? Many businesses have a robust business plan but their HR strategy is not aligned.

Are you aware of all the new employment legislation that is on the horizon? For instance Shared Parental Leave which is being introduced in April.

With pension auto-enrolment getting closer and closer to small and medium sized businesses are you prepared? Have you started calculating the cost and budgeting for this?

If the answer to these questions is not sure or no then HR Protocol can help you review your existing structures and discuss opportunities for change with you. We can also provide you with advice and policies that you may require to ensure you remain compliant in the ever changing field of staff management.

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