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Employing Apprentices: How to Get Started

7.PeopleManagementApprenticeships are a great way of employing young people as they offer employers the opportunity to introduce and nurture new talent to the company in a really cost effective way, meaning that they are immediately contributing to productivity and profitability.

The recruitment process need not be any different from normal practice: you design the role, you advertise, you interview, you recruit.  However, you may want to consider offering a fixed term contract for the duration of the training, after which time you could offer permanent employment if the position is sustainable.

The Apprentice’s day to day work will not be that different either, except for enabling the employee to gain the experience they need to achieve their qualification.  This may mean that they move around the business areas as necessary.  The only other requirement is to allow the Apprentice’s tutor access to them and the workplace so they can observe their work.  This is for about an hour every 3 – 4 weeks.


Financial Savings

If your Apprentice is aged 16 – 18 then 100% of their training fees are funded by the government.  If they are aged between 19 – 23 then up to 50% of their training fees are funded.  For Apprentices aged 24 and up, you may still be able to get a contribution towards the training costs.

The National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice is £2.68 per hour, however most employers pay considerably more depending on the level of the Apprenticeship (there are 3 levels; Intermediate, Advanced and Higher) and may also increase the pay as the Apprentice’s skills develop.  The average net pay for an Apprentice is £170.00 per week.


 Apprenticeship Grant for Employers

A further benefit is the possibility of eligibility for a grant of £1,500 through the AGE  16-24 Grant for Employers (available until 31 December 2014).  This initiative is designed to support businesses that would not otherwise be able to consider recruiting an individual aged 16-24 through an Apprenticeship scheme.

With the prospect of increased productivity, increased profits, funded training and a grant from the National Apprenticeship Service, employing an Apprentice could be the right choice for you.

If you are wondering how to go about recruiting an Apprentice then HR Protocol can assist you to make the right choice of candidate and ensure they are employed on the right terms and conditions.  Call Lisa Poole on 01476 861884 to discuss your requirements.


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