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HSE Enforcement – how to deal with (or avoid!) a visit

Have you ever faced action from an Enforcement Officer? Have you ever wondered what you would do and how you would handle it?

Let me share a story with you

HSE EnforcementOnce upon a time … there was a Company doing well and trying hard. One day, they were faced with a call from an HSE Enforcement Officer and a requirement to attend an ” interview” under PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act).

Although the Company was not, at that time,  a (retained) client of ours, they contacted us and asked for help. We were able to help them to prepare for an interview with the HSE so that they could put across their information and the details of their case in a confident and supported manner. One of our consultants (Peter, an ex-Enforcement Officer) helped Martyn (the Director) to prepare and supported him at all stages through the process. We helped them to understand what documents they would need to provide to the HSE and how best to do that. We helped them to understand how they would be treated, what they needed to do and how to asked for help if they got confused.

At their request, we also attended the interview with the HSE and provided the necessary reassurance. Peter’s practical approach and excellent understanding of the enforcement process meant that the client was not left to fend for themselves.

The result: a happy client who is happy with us and who is happy to recommend us (see below)

Peter, Health and Safety Consultant

Peter: the hero of the hour



Thank you for an excellent service and for Peter’s expert help. It was vital is helping us to defend ourselves and to maintain our unblemished Health and Safety record. My worries were considered and dealt with and I now have my peace of mind back.



Do you need someone to help you through the enforcement visit process with either the HSE or the Environmental Health Office (EHO)? Do you know someone who does need that sort of help?

Being prepared for dealing with an enforcement visit can be really beneficial and can help you to avoid some of the obvious pitfalls. If appropriate, we can put you through the process of a “mock” enforcement visit, so that you are fully prepared for the process. There are many ways in which we can help you. We will help you to create a Health & Safety Improvement Plan for your business. This may include issues such as:


Need help preparing? Not sure what to do? Need help to avoid the visit altogether?

We were able to help Martyn prepare for an interview with the HSE so that he could put across his information and case in a confident and supported manner. One of our consultants (Peter, an ex Enforcement Officer) helped Martyn to prepare and supported him through the process. The result: a happy client who is happy to recommend us.

To get in touch with me, Mike, or one of my consultants, please just call us on 01509 550 023.


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“Mike recently conducted work for the British Library to enable the health and safety team to move forward with a clear and concise policy and procedures. He is great person to work with and liaised with employees at all level to ensure that the work he created met the needs of the library. His work is always conducted to a high standard.

Peter Brooks, Director of Risk Management, The British Library


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