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Keep On Top of Ad Blockers

Ad blocking and Marketing

Ad blocking isn’t the end of of your online presence and marketing

Online adverts can be a big source of income for many companies. However, the fight back from users wanting their internet space to be ad-free is increasing as more ad blockers are being used, and now supported by technology giant Apple.

With the introduction of iOS9 software from Apple, it is allowing and supporting users, in particular those on mobile, to block the adverts they perceive as annoying, that you pay to have there.

As a matter of fact, ad blocking globally has risen by 41% in the last 12 months thanks to the ease of downloading and initiating an ad-blocker on a browser. This will with no doubt increase going forward as consumers are now able to do this from their mobile devices.

If you’re sat here thinking ‘phew we don’t do those banners, pop-up adverts or the ones that follow users around online if they don’t convert’, don’t be fooled, even Google Adwords are being affected and can even drop off on mobile searches even without a blocker being active.

So what does this mean?

It’s time to go back to basics and start from the beginning: Search Engine Optimisation, SEO.

As Google searchers are constantly changing their search criteria and terminology, your website, content and everything you put and send out to customers must also reflect these changes. Why? Because this will keep you current, keep your rankings and keep up with your customers’ requirements and needs.

Whilst this should, in theory, be something you’re already actively doing, if not, the results from SEO alone can be huge and have an incredibly positive impact on your rankings in Google – you’ll see pretty quickly that the time and research put into SEO will be worth it.

Whilst there is the time incurred by keeping on top of SEO, it is a free ‘tool’ that you can and should utilise.

Im on top of SEO, What Now?

Simple. Social Media.

Social Media is of the easiest ways to: build and nurture relationships, be personal, to guage an accurate target audience, to have a wider outreach, increase your following and ultimately enable more conversions. Plus there’s even analytics on your tweets, Facebook Page now – to make it even easier to utilise as a marketer!

Again, other than time this is free – and even fun. Ensure you interact with and engage your followers, be endearing and friendly – this isn’t the place to be rigid in content. A good Social Media Campaign can go a long way to ensuring that if your website doesn’t come on top, your social links will on rankings.

E-Mail is Good Mail

Email marketing is essentially a promotional message with a personal touch. For every email notification you get on your personal phone, the chances are that it’s an email marketing campaign that you signed up to when buying something online.

What makes you open the email? A catchy headline or offering a whopping discount – think of it from your perspective: what makes you open that email and proceed through to clicking that Call To Action?

Promote exclusive offers and new products on a regular basis to your customers as well as a mix of newsletters and interesting content. This not only leads to conversions, it also creates a positive brand image.

Though not always free, email marketing is worth investing in whether sourced within your company, or seeking outside help, Mulberry Square for example, can aid and manage your email campaigns, SEO and Social Media not a problem.

Dont worry

By ensuring your SEO is tip-top, your social media is on point and you invest in email marketing, they will almost eradicate the need for online advertising – an expense that in the current climate isn’t necessarily worth it in the long run.

You don’t need to fall into  Google oblivion; utilise your assets; your website and your social media platforms. Begin email campaigning if you aren’t doing so already and don’t allow online advertising to rule your revenue

If you need any help or guidance or advice on ad blocking, SEO, Email Campaigns or Social Media, Craig Johnstone at Mulberry Square will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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