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Making Remote Working work for your Company

Remote working is becoming more popular in the business world, whether that is for a better work-life balance or due to the high demands of our clients. At some level, your employees may be mobile working, and while it does have its benefits, it is important that your staff know their rights and so do you.


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Here are 3 legal implications to consider when offering remote working within your organisation:


 1.     Health & Safety

Health & safety still applies even if an employee is working from home. It is important that a risk assessment is carried out at their home and that your employer’s liability insurance covers remote working. As an employer, you need to clearly communicate to the individual their responsibilities and obligations.


2.     Cyber Security

Cyber security is becoming a bigger issue for businesses and remote working can make it even more difficult. Proper guidance and protocols need to be in place to ensure data remains safe, and you may need to restrict the amount of access remote workers have to data when off site.


 3.     Clocking in and out

Working from home can blur the line between work and down time, and having smart phones means we are expected to respond to emails and calls anytime, including during holidays. If your employees are working more than 48 hours a week, your organisation may be breaching the employees’ rights under working time laws if they haven’t opted out. Clear regulations and implementing online clocking systems can help manage this.

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