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Mobilegeddon, or natural progression?

Mobile Friendly ChangesAn interesting thing happened this week; Google’s mobile search algorithm update hit the mainstream news, I even heard it talked about on the radio on the way into work. Now, Google updates its algorithms all the time, whether it’s just tweaking or there’s a more comprehensive change being rolled out. Changes that have had a profound effect on search and have sent websites crashing to the depths of the rankings, never to see the light of day again, have passed by unnoticed by anyone not in “the industry”. If you’re interested to see how many major updates Google rolls out, take a look at this great list compiled by the helpful folks at Moz.

So, what makes this update different; why has this one been noticed?

The main difference is that this change marks a clear-cut distinction between what Google will and will not rank highly. The other changes it has rolled out over the years have been more open to interpretation, and certainly not black and white. For the first time, Google has categorically said that if your website doesn’t display well on mobile phones then it won’t appear in mobile search results.

Whatever frustrations people may feel at this announcement, it is a good thing. We all use mobile phones, and most of us use them to browse the internet. Even with increasing screen sizes, we’ve all been irritated by those sites that just don’t work properly on mobiles; perhaps you can’t read the text properly, or the links are very close together so you spend ten minutes clicking the wrong thing – we’ve all been there.

Be pleased then that Google is taking these irritations seriously, and creating a situation which should be of huge benefit to everyone trying to look at websites on their phones.

Does this mean I’ll need a whole new website?

Thankfully, no.

In the majority of cases, in order to make a website responsive, you simply need some development work to change the code on the site to ensure that it works correctly with different browsers and screen sizes. It’s not a five minute job, but neither is it on the scale of building a new website, so getting your website up to scratch and working properly in Google again is well worth doing.

At Mulberry Square, our development team is used to both designing and building fully responsive websites from scratch, as well as having experience in amending existing designs to make websites work properly on mobile browsers, and thereby keeping their rankings with Google.

If you’re not sure whether your website works for mobiles or not, then test it free here. If your website does need updating to keep up with this change, then please just contact me on 0116 237 4603; we’re always happy to help.

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