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New Year, New Apprenticeships

It is the time of year to reflect on your successes and think about the new year ahead. If expanding your workforce is one of your New Year targets, an apprenticeship may be just the thing. The number of people starting apprenticeships is growing each year, and there is a very good reason for this; everyone benefits! The Centre for Economics and Business has carrie out extensive research and the headlines speak for themselves:

The Centre for Economics and Bus is predicting that apprenticeships will have contributed £34 billion to the UK economy in 2014.

Apprentices are more likely to be in employment for longer, and will receive higher earnings, with wage premiums of 11% for intermediate-level apprentices, and 18% for advanced-level.  

Employers gain in the long and short term from taking on an apprentice, with the Cebr estimating increased outputs for businesses of £1.8 billion in 2012-13.

If you are looking for way to grow your business, or to fill some of those skills gaps you may have, talk to Regent College about how apprenticeships in business administration and customer service may benefit you and your organisation.

The concept of apprenticeships isn’t a new one, and the centenary has just recently been celebrated by the National Apprenticeship Service. The types of apprenticeship may have changed, but the overall philosophy hasn’t.

Sue Husband, Director of Apprenticeships at the National Apprenticeship Service said: 

“The employers of yesterday, like those of today, recognised the value of apprenticeships in equipping people with the skills businesses required.  Today more than 100,000 employers are offering quality apprenticeships, building on the example of pioneering forefathers before them.


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