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Property Maintenance – your responsibilities, and what you should consider

For any individual, group of individuals or corporate body, the key to overcoming adversity in property is to seek advice from those professionals or organisations best placed to help you.Property Maintenance Responsibilities


Buying a Property – what to consider

When you think about whom to approach, the obvious candidate is a legal advisor. He or she should be in a position, in respect of property acquisition (either purchase or lease), to advise on the maintenance responsibilities for boundaries, the implications of any partywall issues where the property is semi detached or terraced, whether there are any restrictive covenants affecting the property, whether it is Listed or located in a conservation area which could seriously affect your proposals for improvement/development, whether there are any rights of way affecting the property, including easements such as power lines crossing the property or whether there are any planning restrictions.


Planned Property Maintenance – keeping costs down

If you already own/occupy a property, regular and planned maintenance can help eliminate significant spikes in expenditure caused by significant failure of the fabric and help reduce overall costs. Surrounding yourself with trusted tradesmen such as plumbers, Gas Safe engineers, qualified electricians and reputable building contractors is, of course, a must, but a chartered surveyor can help advise you as to suitable contractors and also manage all those contractors on your behalf.


Property Surveyors – repair work and inspections

Surveyors involved in property management will carry out regular inspections as part of their contract and alert you to the need for repair work, which, if your responsibility under the lease as landlord or tenant, may not otherwise have been brought to your attention.

If you are a potential tenant about to take on a full repairing and insuring lease, a schedule of condition of the property, prepared by a chartered surveyor, should inform you of any major items of repair that are likely to arise during the lease and possibly limit your liability as the schedule should allow you to return the property in a similar condition to which you took it over.

Whether conducting a schedule of condition or a pre purchase survey, a surveyor acts as the eyes and ears of the legal advisor and can point out all those potential areas and pitfalls that a solicitor should investigate, as detailed above.


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My name is Richard, and I have many years experience as a Chartered Surveyor. For more advice on property maintenance responsibilities, and to find out how I could help you, please give me a call on 0116 2677 890

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