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Protect your business from the cost of an HMRC Investigation

If and when the inevitable happens and HMRC come knocking at the door, it is good to have a plan to respond in a cost effective manner.  An investigation will typically involve preparation of books and records prior to the inspector visiting your premises (usually handled by the accountant), an initial meeting with the HMRC inspector and then their investigation which can range from a few hours to days/weeks, during which most owners/directors will want their accountant present.

HMRC InvestigationThis is where “Fee Protection” can help and should be available from your accountant to help mitigate your costs with a lengthy investigation by HMRC.

Why you need protection from HMRC

What is typically covered by a “Fee Protection” service

Along with the benefits of reducing the costs of an HMRC investigation you should also be able to access extra specialist help in defending any HMRC investigations. For the price of a couple of hours of your accountant’s time each year, this could save you thousands in the event of an investigation.


Get Protected!

To find out more about exactly what protection we can offer you, please give me a call on 01455 247 078, or take a look here.

Our charges for the service are typically only £175 plus VAT to give you that peace of mind.



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