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Red tape can be helpful!

Red tape is causes massive costs and frustrations. Legislative demands, if not managed effectively, increase overheads, create waste or, if ignored, increase the risk of costs and penalisation.


Even when most reasonable people would agree that there is sense and reason behind the legislation, if the implementation and enforcement of it is not controlled then we create empires and jobs that carry extensive authority but no financial responsibility, they do not necessarily contribute to the overall competitiveness of UK plc.

Wiser organisations however recognise that there is value in complying with not only the letter, but also the spirit of standards and legislation. These requirements are founded on past mistakes and expensively learned lessons.

From the mistakes of others, a wise man corrects his own

Syrus Publilius (42 BC)

Prevention is usually far less expensive than cure; lessons learned from other peoples’ mistakes can be a powerful tool in preventing them in your own business. Standards, including those for quality management, management of health and safety, effective use of employees’ capabilities, legislation on employment, accounting, the avoidance of corruption and fraud and others, are designed to ensure that businesses operate effectively without risks to customers, employees, stakeholders, the environment and communities. It is the strategy for deploying and monitoring rules that render them either helpful and beneficial or costly and ineffective, and that is where joined up thinking is important.

Often, one of three approaches are used to deal with all of this legislation;

This is the worst scenario since the business and its personnel are at equal risk to scenario 1 but vast amounts of money have been spent in the process. Unfortunately this is an all too common scenario.

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