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Success through Evolution

tuskless_elephantsThe success stories of evolution in nature are all around us. Plants and animals that look and behave even slightly differently to how they did originally, that have been able to adapt to changing circumstances and environments, these are the ones we still know.
Did you know that elephants in particular are being forced to evolve through natural selection in order to evade poachers? In Africa, the percentage of tuskless elephants has risen from just 1% to around 38% in less than a century. The pace of change that the natural world has to contend with to survive is staggering.

The business world is no different.

Particularly over the past five or six years, we have seen the economy rocked in a way many had not experienced before in their lifetime: a double dip recession not seen since the 1970s, and the deepest recession the UK has seen since the end of World War I. It is widely known and well documented how significantly the impact of this was, and is being, felt by business across the UK and beyond, with a huge number of companies collapsing under the financial strain.

How did some businesses succeed?

Quite simply, they adapted. All businesses change and grow with time, but the ones that have remained successful during this difficult period are the ones that have changed and grown without the luxury of that time! Our own experiences at Mulberry Square have taught us that it is vitally important to keep up to date with the latest market trends and adapt them where possible to suit clients’ needs.

Moving forward into a new year is the perfect opportunity to take stock of all the marketing activity you have done as an organisation over the past 12 months, and really evaluate what has and has not worked well for you. Once you have done this, you can focus your efforts into the activities which work best for your business, both in terms of attracting the right kind of business, and also providing a good return on the initial investment.

Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s no secret that many people make an annual New Year’s Resolution, often the same one each year in fact! Like people, businesses also need plans and goals for the New Year and 2015 is no different. Make business goals and resolutions, designed to give you a kick start to a fantastic year ahead.

For help planning, executing and evaluating your next marketing campaign, please get in touch with the friendly team at Mulberry Square; they’ll be happy to help.

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