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The perfect time to recruit!

Apprenticeship SchemesWith so many school and college leavers turning to alternatives to higher education, Government grants, local grants and widespread political commitment, there has never been a better time to recruit an apprentice!

Major companies are recognising the advantages of recruiting apprentices at a variety of levels with Jaguar Land Rover, KPMG, Lloyds, BBC and most recently in the news for announcing they were more interested in things other than A levels, PWC.

All of the major political parties are committed to the apprenticeship routes and have pledged continued support. In April David Cameron & the Conservative party drew attention to 16,000 new apprenticeships, with a promise of 3 million if re-elected. Ed Milliband pledged that Labour would ensure an extra 80,000 high-quality apprenticeships each year, proposing an apprenticeship guarantee, by which every school leaver who gets the grades would be able to begin a high-quality apprenticeship. Vince Cable says that The Lib Dems would double the number of employers offering apprenticeships to young people if the party wins its way back into government.

With such universal support, there has never been a better time to invest in apprenticeships to grow your business. Moving towards the end of the academic year is also a fantastic time to recruit. Hundreds of school & college leavers are actively choosing apprenticeships over A levels and university as they can see the benefits. Just click onto the National Apprenticeship website for a wealth of inspiring quotes (nas.apprenticeships.org.uk/be-an-apprentice/what-apprentices-say/apprenticequotes.aspx)

So if you are considering an apprentice as a possible option to grow your business, competition for vacancies will be at its highest now as students look for their ideal opportunity once they have completed their studies. Added to this the Apprenticeship grant for employers – see the fact sheet for details (www.gov.uk/government/publications/apprenticeship-grant-employer-fact-sheet). If you are a Leicester or Leicestershire employer there is the added grant available – see the link for more details (www.leicester.gov.uk/media/178936/employer-guide-to-grants.pdf). Add to this the bonus of free training and support from your training provider – what is to lose?

Talk to us here at Regent College about how to go about recruiting and continued support we have 20 years of experience of successfully working with local employers to provide training and apprenticeships. Contact us on 0116 2554629

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