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The risk of not having a plan and how coaching can help

We’ve all heard the quote from Winston Churchill,

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail”,

But it’s surprising to find many business owners that do just that.  Many produce a plan when they are a new start-up, but if their plan was too rigid it soon becomes unworkable and is filed away and forgotten about.  Today we have to adapt quickly to change and new technology to keep ahead of our competition, and our plans need to reflect that.

5.NoPlanRiskHaving a good flexible plan is like putting your final destination into your satnav as the goal.  You add in options to miss the tolls and the road works that you’re aware of.  When you suddenly hit a traffic jam and change your route, your satnav automatically “recalculates” your journey.  If your business plan can easily “recalculate” your objectives when you have to change direction in your business then you’ll have a smoother ride.

A business coach will help you formulate a flexible plan, incorporating all your goals, your vision for the future of your company, and even an exit strategy.  Investing time and money in a good plan now will save you days and even years of heading in the wrong direction.

To quote another World War II leader Dwight D. Eisenhower,

“Plans are nothing;  Planning is everything.”

Let The GB Group help you formulate your plans, contact Karen@kccoaching.co.uk or call Karen on 01423 29 88 53 or 01509 39 33 53 for a free consultation.



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“Karen encouraged me to take time out to re-assess my goals and I’ve since made changes to help me realise my ultimate goal of financial freedom. With this in mind I know exactly what I need to do over the next 10 years to achieve them and it will help me keep business on track.”

Anna Hart, Property Consultant



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