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When too much of a good thing is a bad thing in business

You’ve probably experienced it, something that seemed like a good idea in the beginning has snowballed into a liability that soaks up time and money and doesn’t improve the job one bit. So is the way of many business Quality Management and Safety Management systems; the intent is laudable but the reality is costly and ineffective.

Time, then, to stop and do it differently? To cut costs and get some real bottom-line improvements without sacrificing those client and contract-critical accreditations? Time, then, to get back to basics, to re-focus on a few simple facts.

  1. Your real boss is your customer; he can fire everyone in the organisation, from the Chairman down, just by taking his business elsewhere.
  2. You make money by adding value through processes.
  3. Processes are carried out by people. People who are well informed, motivated and competent carry them out consistently to a high standard. This is QUALITY; your customer gets what he wants to specification, on time every time and your costs are controlled.
  4. For people to be well informed the information must be simple, user-friendly, helpful and concise and accessible.

Fortunately I’m a simple chap. I understand pictures far more readily than words; that’s why I prefer to define processes as maps. Fortunately most people seem to think the same way and that is why I can help cut costs and improve business performance. Quality and Safety assurance is, after all, a matter of managing risks; a mapped process enables everyone with a perspective on risk management to work around the same “skeleton”, and documentation can be simplified and optimised. It is easier for people to engage with the process and to understand their roles and responsibilities; it results is less paperwork, less contradiction and confusion and lower costs.

Business process diagram that demystifies the complexities of risk management, compliance, quality and continuous improvement

Demystifying the complexities of risk management, compliance, quality and continuous improvement

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