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Where is your team going?

How often does a training course or a smart piece of software result in real improvements to an organisation’s performance? The enthusiasm and optimism is soon lost; going back and working the same old process gets in the way of doing things differently. The cost of the initiative is lost and no benefits are realised people default to engrained habits. Worse still, the lasting impact of the initiative is most likely to be negative rather than positive.

What often happens when the going gets difficult is that organisations batten down the hatches, jettison “unnecessary” costs like training and marketing, and do what they always did, but work harder at doing it. In most cases what they always did got them into difficulty in the first place and working harder never fixes the problem; at best it enables them to weather the storm until the problem arises again.

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best”.

W. Edwards Deming

The only real way to realise sustained improvements is to develop effective processes and the right habits, and that involves identifying and managing what really matters – identifying what really needs to be done. Setting and using Key Performance Indicators (kpi’s) requires the same thoughtfulness; having kpi’s is of no value unless they are used to support and encourage those good habits in pursuit of what really needs to be done.

A good kpi system does not cover walls with obscure charts, or simply present the same data as a flashy dashboard, but makes achieving excellent results easier and faster. What adds value, then, is not the act of measuring, but the adoption of an approach that uses the right measures to develop a continuous improvement culture and to eliminate wasted management effort.

Qualitin’s ICG approach does all of that; it is rigorous in its identification of what really matters, it drives ownership and accountability throughout an organisation, it empowers and obliges everyone to focus on organisational objectives and, by focussing management effort on what really requires attention, it saves significant time. It is also a scalable solution that can work in organisations from SME’s to corporate and in all sectors including sport, social enterprises, manufacturing, banking; in fact, anywhere where achieving excellent results with tight resources is essential.

It fits with my philosophy of achieving success by simplifying processes and it is why I’m an enthusiastic Qualitin Partner.

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“Tony engaged with us at an extremely challenging time for the business. Despite the challenge that lay ahead of him he committed wholeheartedly to the Mulberry Square cause, building trust and creating a rapport with all of our team. He helped us to develop key measures and to set performance targets, to focus on eliminating waste and to identify and actions for specific improvement objectives; he ensured that we maintained focus on what the business needed. His extensive experience on leading business turnarounds has helped us to make a real difference to our business fortunes.”

Craig Johnstone, Mulberry Square Marketing Services



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