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Zero Hours Contract

Zero Hour ContractsThere’s a lot of controversy about employing staff on this basis because of concerns over staff not being offered enough financial stability and security. Maybe that is the case for many and then, on the other hand, statistics demonstrate that 60% of those employed in this way find that the flexibility suites them.

However, they are destined to change and soon.  Here is how depending on what happens on Election Day:


•    Ban use of exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts.  Employees will be able to work for as many companies as they desire, so long as they stay within Working Time rules.


•    Ban on exploitative Zero-hours contracts.
•    Introduce the right to a regular contract for zero-hours workers who work regular hours for more than a 12 week period.
•    Introduce compensation to be paid to employers for zero-hours workers whose shifts are cancelled at short notice.

Liberal Democrats

•    Consult on allowing employees on zero-hours contracts to request a fixed contract and introduce a right to make regular patterns of work contractual after a period of time.


•    End exploitative zero-hours contracts.


•    End of abuse of zero-hours contracts
•    Qualifying zero hours workers at large employers would be offered contractual fixed hours.
•    Introduce a Code of Conduct for the use of zero-hours contracts.

The devil is likely to be in the detail as we will need to be guided on the interpretation of ‘exploitative’.

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