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Client:  Chris Wharton of Rutland

Project:  Confidence building to help pass a major exam to gain promotion at work

Background:   Chris was about to sit a major exam at work which would give him the opportunity to go for promotion from police sergeant to police inspector.  With the exam just 6 weeks away, Chris was not feeling prepared for the exam and he felt he needed a confidence boost.  He was busy at work and feeling under pressure because if he didn’t pass this exam he would have to re-sit others he’d already passed.

Challenge:   Increase confidence to pass the Police Inspector exam in 6 weeks’ time.  In the initial consultation session Chris agreed to attend 3 coaching sessions, with the last a week prior to his exam.  By the end of the first 90 minute session what became clear was:

Solution:   One of the coaching techniques we used was Motivational Drivers which comes from Transactional Analysis.  Looking at his motivational behaviours made Chris realise where his time was being spent.  We were able to put some triggers in place to remind him when to behave differently, and using these strategies gave him extra time to prepare for his exam…….which he passed with amazing results – in the top 5% in the country.

Results so far:  Police Inspector exam passed.  Chris came 42nd out of 837 in the country.

Ongoing:  Chris to have more coaching sessions when his promotion comes through to help his transition into the new role.

Products and Services we provide to Chris:
Motivational Drivers Report

Testimonial from client – 3 May 2011:
Karen has been excellent to work with.  Her coaching skills have highlighted several areas for me to develop and I have!  I am feeling more confident for my upcoming police promotion exam and much of this is down to the encouragement and help KC Coaching has provided.
Chris Wharton

Via Twitter – 20 June 2011:
Chris_Wharton70 Chris Wharton  Just found out passed my inspector exam and came 42nd out of 837 in the country . #yippee #ospre #nomoreexamsever .thanks @KarenKCcoaching !

“Karen’s career coaching sessions helped me deal with an excessive workload, prepare for new roles and review my long term goals. She has a very personable approach to coaching and it helped me make any situation seem relaxed and productive.”

Fenton Baker, Business Analyst



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