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How coaching motivated a key member of staff

Client:   Senior Manager in an IT Department

Project:  Motivating a key member of staff who wanted to leave

Background:   A senior manager was interested in coaching because he felt he was in a dead end job. His department had been re-organised and as a result of this he found himself now stuck in an unfulfilling role.  His dissatisfaction was already causing him to look at external job opportunities but so far none of them seemed quite right.

Challenge:   I was approached to see if coaching could help him find the career direction he wanted.  He wanted me to help him secure his ideal job and I also wanted to increase his motivation in his current job as this would help him come across more positively at interviews.

Solution:   After a skills and strengths audit where we determined his strengths in previous positions and transferable skills he could offer to future employers, we looked at his personal values and what sense of purpose he gained from his current and previous roles.

Using a Values based coaching technique, it soon became apparent that one aspect he particularly enjoyed about his previous job was travel but his new position had no opportunities to travel.  This puzzled me as it was completely at odds with my client’s personal values and family life.  On deeper probing it wasn’t necessarily the travelling to other places he enjoyed but the fact that it provided him with a legitimate reason for getting out of the office now and then.   My client suddenly realised he had been applying for the wrong jobs.

On arriving at this point he noted that he had wanted to ask about working from home for some time and now that he realised why this was so important to him he felt more comfortable asking for it.

Results so far: 

What he gained by working from home one day a week:

Because he was returning to the office feeling more motivated, this led to a better relationship with his line manager that increased his opportunities for more interesting projects and gave him the level of responsibility and challenge that he needed.  As a result of this he chose to stay with the company and they didn’t lose a key member of staff.


Gains for the organisation:

“Karen’s coaching sessions have been gold dust for me. We are working on setting up my own business, making progress where I would normally have stumbled and stalled. I wanted her to help me with action planning, which she has, and so much more. She has supported me by pinning these actions to beliefs and values and has gently challenged my thinking and championed my achievements, creating long lasting change and progress.  I cannot put a value on the work we are doing together.  Karen coaches with kindness and intelligent clarity, a wonderful resource for anyone setting up their own business, or wanting more out of their choices.  It is the best investment I could have made.”
Lucy Hare, Musician



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