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Not just a restoration project – an SEO sweep that delivers an online revenue increase of 116%

Client:  Restoration UK

Project:  Restoration UK E-commerce Website SEO Sweep

“The website maintenance and online sales and marketing support that Mulberry Square have provided has been first class. Craig spotted that things weren’t quite right straight away and convinced us that our sales could be so much better. I’m delighted that he was able to deliver us the results that he could see we were missing out on.”

Claire Jones, Marketing Manager – Restoration UK Ltd

Established in Loughborough, Leicestershire 21 years ago to support and supply builders, property developers and homeowners with the knowledge, expertise, products and equipment to overcome damp in properties and infestations of wood and timber, Restoration UK now supplies a full range of specifically developed and selected branded and self-branded chemicals, restoration and remedial building products from its trade counter equally in the local area and from its online store throughout the UK and across Europe.

It’s Magento eCommerce store had been developed by a Loughborough marketing agency towards the end of 2011 and start of 2012 however Restoration UK felt that they needed to seek out proven Magento specialists for some development work and in May 2013 their search began.

When they put into Mulberry Square, it was very quickly noticed that the Restoration UK website had far bigger problems in that no SEO work had been undertaken as part of the build or since and it was subsequently established that the company was having to rely on a very expensive Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic and sales through their website.

In May 2013 the total number of site visits to was 3,720 with 40% of visits and 41% of revenue being from organic search visitors.

Relying on 28.5% of their revenue from its Google Adwords campaign from 1,647 (44%) visits at a cost of £583.79 and with a return on investment of only (100%) was a real problem and the challenge we agreed with Restoration UK was to increase the revenue from organic visits to reduce the over reliance on pay per click advertising to a strict limited budget.

As with our approach to all SEO campaigns, much of the time goes into planning and research in order to formulate a strategy that delivers first time every time and this was no different. We simply established what Restoration UK’s potential customers were looking for by putting in the hours, analysing the data and applying our findings to their website, both in the back-end and on-page, as well as resolving a number of damaging crawl errors and re-jigging some of the categorisation of product lines to ensure that site wasn’t penalised by the search engine algorithms and visitors find exactly what they are seeking on the website much quicker.

Off-site we undertook a small link building campaign that mainly involved directories and one article. In terms of the on-site optimisation that took place on site, it mainly focussed on product categories and a little on the higher value products however due to budget constraints many of the actual products didn’t receive the attention we would have liked to have given them.

Results so far
As a consequence of the work we carried out over a two month period in June and July 2013, the results we gained for Restoration UK were stellar.

In August 2013 the total number of site visits on reached 4,231 (a 13% increase on May 2013) bringing in a 116% increase in revenue with 2,020 visits (47% of the site visits) and a 39% increase on May 2013 plus revenue increasing to 48% of the revenue and a remarkable 156% increase on May 2013 from organic search traffic.

What was also significant was the knock on effect of the organic SEO work we did on the Google Adwords campaign. Revenue increased by 160%, in August 2013 compared to May 2013 making up 34% of the total revenue with a return on investment of 445% and a decrease in cost of £556.95 down 4%.

What this tells us is that knowing your customers is key to formulating your online marketing strategy. This SEO sweep aligned what Restoration UK offered with what their market wanted and although the numbers of visitors didn’t increase significantly what the sweep did was deliver the right kind of visitors – quality over quantity. What it also proved was that without good organic search engine optimisation being performed on a site a pay per click campaign will be a huge drain on your business. With it your business can take your market by storm.

Ongoing Campaign
At the end of August 2013 we were asked to perform a little more work on a certain product category on the site as that had become an area that Restoration UK wished to push a bit more. We also performed a small amount of development work and created a product calculator to a product to help visitors purchase the correct amount of product for a certain task.

In December we were asked to take a look at their Google Adwords campaign which had stopped performing. It was quickly established that their Google Merchant Centre submissions had stopped and we quickly fixed the problem before delving deeper into what has proved to be a rather unnecessary and complicated configuration that had been set up by an off-shore freelancer.

The Google Adwords campaign has been re-configured with about half the number of keywords, deleting ones that were not relevant and driving traffic and ones that were never converting. We also added new relevant ones that were established during the SEO keyword research and on-site the balance of the products in the clients range have been optimised to help deliver even better results.

Services Mulberry Square provide to Restoration UK

•    Magento eCommerce Support & Maintenance
•    Magento eCommerce Website Development
•    Search Engine Optimisation
•    Google Adwords Campaign Management

To find out more and perhaps how your website and online marketing can benefit, please call Craig on 0116 237 4603 or email him using the contact form above

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