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Recent and impending employment law changes

As usual there is plenty going on in the world of employment law. Here’s a brief overview of recent and impending changes.

6 April 2014

Early conciliation through ACAS was introduced. This is a free service that an employee can chose prior to lodging a claim to the Employment Tribunal. At the moment it is mostly voluntary and the purpose is to attempt to settle the disagreement without the stress, cost and time involved in preparing and attending and ET hearing. From 6 May early conciliation will be mandatory. If conciliation is unsuccessful within the set period (one calendar month) then the employee can lodge a tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunals have been given the power to order an employer who has lost a case to pay a financial penalty of between £100 – £5000 to the Secretary of State if the ET deems that the employer has breached any of the employee’s rights and the breach has one or more aggravating feature.

 Statutory maternity, adoption and paternity pay increased to £138.18 per week.

 Statutory redundancy pay increases to £464.00 per week.

30 June 2014

The right to request flexible working is expected to be extended to include all employees with more than 26 weeks’ service.  At present the request if only available to staff with carer responsibilities.  Also the current statutory procedure for dealing with flexible working requests will be removed and replaced with a simpler duty to deal with requests for flexible working in a reasonable manner.

October 2014

Rights to unpaid leave to attend antenatal appointments to be extended to the partner of the pregnant woman so they can accompany the pregnant woman.


Flexible parental leave to be introduced

Parental leave extends to parents with children under the age of 18

More about these nearer the time but if you would like further information on any of these changes please do not hesitate to get in touch with Lisa on 01476 861884.

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