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    Employee Retention Tips

    Is retaining good employees high on your priority list?


    Keeping talented employees on board is great for your business:



    Training new members of staff is not only time-consuming, but it’s also a drain on your resources.


    New staff members require an adjustment period. They need to learn your processes, your clients, your software programs and they take up valuable training time from your other employees.


    It’s much better for your clients to work with members of staff they recognize, and much more cost-effective for your company to hold onto your best employees.


    So how do you keep your employees happy?


    According to a CareerJournal survey:


    Employees leave because –


    The most common programs to retain employees –


    It seems that taking care of individuals in regards to their benefits, career-growth, holiday time and salary are amongst the best ways to hold onto your best members of staff.


    At HR Protocol, we provide our clients with on-going support, acting as a HR Manager without the commitment or the overheads. We are your human resource professional and will provide you with bespoke guidance and assistance, as and when you need it.


    We are here to help – just give me a call on 01476 861884. We can also offer complimentary HR Healthchecks, please just ask me for more information.

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