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    Safety Culture and Staff Retention

    As a leader within an organisation, it matters what you do and don’t do. What you do, what you challenge and, often, what you fail to challenge all shapes the culture of the organisation. Safety culture within an organisation has been dubbed:

    “the way that things are done around here”

    As a leader, you should think about the way that things are done around here. Do work practices conform with the that you think that things are done, or even with the way you think they should be done? Looking into “how things are done” can reveal a reality gap within your organisation.

    “The culture of the organisation is shaped by the worst behaviour that the leader is willing to tolerate”

    As a quick thought experiment, consider the way that those who report to you (and so are influenced by you) would respond to the following:

    The company I work for has a good safety culture because …

    If you concluded that they could not fully endorse every statement, now is the time to think about doing something differently.

    Staff retention has been linked to many factors, including safety culture [ref]. We can work with you and help you to understand and improve the safety culture within your organisation.

    Please contact and see how we can assist you.

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    Mike brings a common sense approach to a subject where sense is often uncommon. His pragmatic approach combined with a professional approach to Health & Safety make a real difference to his clients.

    Paul Fileman

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