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    Your people management practices and the risk of getting ‘it’ wrong

    All people managers have some awareness of the risk of getting their people management practices wrong but all too often are willing to take that chance because getting it right takes time.

    The trouble with getting it wrong is that it can be very financially costly and also time costly as preparing for litigation can be lengthy. The average settlement costs if a company loses a legal claim are around £12,000, taking into account legal fees and time and that’s without counting the cost of lost productivity.


    The cost is enough even if the company wins.

    Whether your organisation is large or very small, if you have a situation with your people that you think could be tricky, then even before you start to address it, it goes without saying that the advice has to be to talk to an HR or employment law expert who can guide you through the process that averts the risk and addresses the issue correctly.

    At HR Protocol we understand the frustrations of the red tape that is the law and work closely with clients to ensure they know their options and the risks involved depending on which option they want to take.

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