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    1. ‘The GB Group’ members agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and to make prospective customers aware of it.
    2. Any customer of a member of ‘The GB Group’ may complain to ‘The GB Group’ if it believes a member may have breached the Code.
    3. The ‘The GB Group’ Professional Practices Committee will investigate the complaint, and if it appears that the Code has been breached will attempt, if need be, to negotiate a settlement.
    4. It is the Code, and ‘The GB Group’s’ intent to uphold it, that makes the members accountable for their standards – a valuable asset to customers and members.
    5. In any event, all customers are asked to provide feedback to ‘The GB Group’ at the completion of the assignment.

    COMMERCIAL STANDARDSTrusted standards of customer care

    1. All ‘The GB Group’ members are Owners, Senior Managers or Decision Makers of their business, so as to offer a broad commercial perspective as well as their field of expertise.
    2. Members have a minimum 5 years experience in their field of expertise.
    3. References are available for all their relevant achievements.
    4. A ‘The GB Group’ Confidentiality Agreement will be offered to all potential customers prior to them briefing a member for an assignment.
    5. Members will provide free of charge to a potential customer, a stated minimum amount of time according to the circumstances, so as to understand the brief and make a proposal.
    6. A member’s proposal will be in the form of a ‘The GB Group’ template Contract or the individual member’s business instruction / agreement, which gives the customer a written and precise set of services, timings, fees and expenses.
    7. Where a customer so requires, members will not work in a customer’s market (as defined in writing by the member and the customer) for an agreed period of time after the completion of the final project for that customer.
    8. No member will refer a customer to another member for their field of expertise, without that customer’s consent. The member giving the referral will give written confirmation of this consent.
    9. The member who receives the referral will contact the customer within the next 48 working hours, and will inform the relevant member of the outcome of the initial contact.
    10. The Group will not publicise a customer and the benefits delivered by the member, without the customer’s written approval of the actual publicity.
    11. All members carry a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy where applicable and feasible.
    12. All members belong to their appropriate Institute or trade body, and will declare their associations upon application to join the group.
    13. All members comply with Companies House and HMRC regulations.

    “I have used Michael Ellerby on a wide range of properties and find his attitude helpful and realistic. We have carried out Health and Safety audits, fire risk assessments and DDA (accessibility) inspections on old and new buildings. A good consultant to have around!”

    Ric Barham, Building Manager, London

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