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    Having a couldn’t care less attitude to safety could cost money, or even more …

    Not caring about Health and Safety in a dangerous workplace can cost money, time, injury, lives, and can lead to jail time.

    Having a couldn’t care less attitude to safety has landed the boss of a Swansea skip hire company in jail and with fines. The owner of a skip hire and waste disposal firm based near Swansea has been jailed for one year and his firm fined £35,000 for health and safety breaches. During the sentencing, the Company owner (Robert Collis) was slammed by Judge Geraint Walters at Swansea Crown Court for his couldn’t care less attitude towards his employees, the public, and the environment. The Company was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following a fire in 2013 which took five engines and 25 firefighters to put out. Following this blaze, the HSE found a number of safety breaches including the site being unfenced and open to the public, insecure storage of gas cylinders, and a teenage worker not being issued with safety equipment on site.

    The Company owner had an aggressive attitude towards the HSE, such that their visits needed to be accompanied by a Police Officer.

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    “Mike recently conducted work for the British Library to enable the health and safety team to move forward with a clear and concise policy and procedures. He is great person to work with and liaised with employees at all level to ensure that the work he created met the needs of the library. His work is always conducted to a high standard.

    Peter Brooks, Director of Risk Management, The British Library

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